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org::aspectj::bridge::MessageWriter Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An IMessageHandler implementation that writes all to a PrintWriter. Clients may set this up to throw AbortException for FAIL or ERROR messages. Subclasses may control whether messages are printed and how they are rendered by overriding render(IMessage).

Definition at line 24 of file MessageWriter.java.

Public Member Functions

void dontIgnore (IMessage.Kind kind)
boolean handleMessage (IMessage message) throws AbortException
void ignore (IMessage.Kind kind)
boolean isIgnoring (IMessage.Kind kind)
 MessageWriter (PrintWriter writer, boolean abortOnFailure)

Static Public Attributes

static final IMessageHandler SYSTEM_ERR
static final IMessageHandler SYSTEM_OUT
static final IMessageHandler THROW

Protected Member Functions

String render (IMessage message)

Protected Attributes

boolean abortOnFailure
PrintWriter writer

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