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org::aspectj::bridge::IMessageHandler Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::bridge::IMessageHandler:

org::aspectj::ajde::core::internal::AjdeCoreMessageHandlerAdapter org::aspectj::ajdt::internal::compiler::WeaverMessageHandler org::aspectj::bridge::context::PinpointingMessageHandler org::aspectj::bridge::CountingMessageHandler org::aspectj::bridge::IMessageHolder org::aspectj::bridge::MessageUtil::KindSelector org::aspectj::bridge::MessageWriter org::aspectj::tools::ajc::Main::MessagePrinter org::aspectj::weaver::loadtime::DefaultMessageHandler

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Detailed Description

Handle messages, logging and/or aborting as appropriate. Implementations define which messages are logged and whether the handler aborts the process. For messages that are costly to construct, clients may query isIgnoring(IMessage.Kind) to avoid construction if the message will be ignored. Clients passing messages to an IMessageHandler should not interfere with aborts by catching AbortException unless otherwise required by their logic or the message handler.

Definition at line 30 of file IMessageHandler.java.

Public Member Functions

void dontIgnore (IMessage.Kind kind)
boolean handleMessage (IMessage message) throws AbortException
void ignore (IMessage.Kind kind)
boolean isIgnoring (IMessage.Kind kind)

Static Public Attributes

static final IMessageHandler SYSTEM_ERR
static final IMessageHandler SYSTEM_OUT
static final IMessageHandler THROW

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