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/* *******************************************************************
 * Copyright (c) 2006 Contributors
 * All rights reserved. 
 * This program and the accompanying materials are made available 
 * under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 
 * which accompanies this distribution and is available at 
 * http://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-v10.html 
 * Contributors: 
 *     Andy Clement IBM     initial implementation 
 * ******************************************************************/
 package org.aspectj.weaver;

public class SimpleAnnotationValue extends AnnotationValue {

      public SimpleAnnotationValue(int kind) {

      public SimpleAnnotationValue(int kind, Object value) {
            switch (kind) {
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_BYTE: theByte = ((Byte)value).byteValue(); break;
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_CHAR: theChar = ((Character)value).charValue(); break;
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_INT: theInt = ((Integer)value).intValue(); break;
                  case AnnotationValue.STRING: theString = (String)value; break;
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_DOUBLE: theDouble = ((Double)value).doubleValue(); break;
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_FLOAT: theFloat = ((Float)value).floatValue(); break;
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_LONG: theLong = ((Long)value).longValue(); break;
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_SHORT: theShort = ((Short)value).shortValue(); break;
                  case AnnotationValue.PRIMITIVE_BOOLEAN: theBoolean = ((Boolean)value).booleanValue(); break;
                      throw new BCException("Not implemented for this kind: "+whatKindIsThis(kind));

      private byte theByte;
      private char theChar;
      private int  theInt;
      private String theString;
      private double theDouble;
      private float theFloat;
      private long theLong;
      private short theShort;
      private boolean theBoolean;
      public void setValueString(String s) { theString = s; }
      public void setValueByte(byte b)    { theByte = b; }
      public void setValueChar(char c)    { theChar = c; }
      public void setValueInt(int i)      { theInt = i; }

      public String stringify() {
            switch (valueKind) {
              case 'B': // byte
                    return Byte.toString(theByte);
              case 'C': // char
                    return new Character(theChar).toString();
              case 'D': // double
                    return Double.toString(theDouble);
              case 'F': // float
                    return Float.toString(theFloat);
              case 'I': // int
                   return Integer.toString(theInt);
              case 'J': // long
                    return Long.toString(theLong);
              case 'S': // short
                    return Short.toString(theShort);
              case 'Z': // boolean
                    return new Boolean(theBoolean).toString();
              case 's': // String
                    return theString;
              default: throw new BCException("Do not understand this kind: "+valueKind);
      public String toString() {
            return stringify();


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