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AjCompiler org::aspectj::ajde::Ajde::getCompilerForConfigFile ( String  configFile  )  [inline]

If the provided configFile is the same as the id for the last compiler then returns that, otherwise clears the state for the saved compiler and creates a new one for the provided configFile

the AjCompiler with the id of the given configFile

Definition at line 456 of file Ajde.java.

References org::aspectj::ajde::core::AjCompiler::clearLastState(), getBuildProgressMonitor(), getCompilerConfig(), org::aspectj::ajde::core::AjCompiler::getId(), getMessageHandler(), and org::aspectj::ajde::IUIBuildMessageHandler::reset().

Referenced by runBuildInDifferentThread(), and runBuildInSameThread().

            if (configFile == null) {
                  return null;
            if ((compiler == null || !compiler.getId().equals(configFile))) {
                  if (compiler != null) {
                        // have to remove the incremental state of the previous
                        // compiler - this will remove it from the
                        // IncrementalStateManager's
                        // list
                  compiler = new AjCompiler(configFile, getCompilerConfig(), getBuildProgressMonitor(), getMessageHandler());
            return compiler;

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