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org::aspectj::ajde::ui::FileStructureView Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::ajde::ui::FileStructureView:

org::aspectj::ajde::ui::StructureView org::aspectj::ajde::ui::GlobalStructureView

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Detailed Description

Should only be created by the StructureViewManager or an equivalent factory.

Mik Kersten

Definition at line 24 of file FileStructureView.java.

Public Member Functions

 FileStructureView (StructureViewProperties viewProperties)
IStructureViewNode findCorrespondingViewNode (IProgramElement node)
IStructureViewNode getActiveNode ()
String getName ()
IStructureViewNode getRootNode ()
String getSourceFile ()
StructureViewProperties getViewProperties ()
void setActiveNode (IStructureViewNode activeNode, int sourceLine)
void setActiveNode (IStructureViewNode activeNode)
void setRenderer (StructureViewRenderer renderer)
void setRootNode (IStructureViewNode rootNode)
void setSourceFile (String sourceFile)
void setViewProperties (StructureViewProperties viewProperties)

Protected Member Functions

void notifyViewUpdated ()

Protected Attributes

StructureViewRenderer renderer = null
StructureViewProperties viewProperties = null

Private Attributes

String sourceFilePath = null

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