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org::aspectj::ajde::ui::swing::UpdateConfigurationDialog Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::JFrame.

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Detailed Description

Used for automatically updating build configuration files (".lst") when a project configuration has changed.

Mik Kersten

Definition at line 54 of file UpdateConfigurationDialog.java.

Public Member Functions

 UpdateConfigurationDialog (Vector filesToUpdate, Vector buildConfigFiles, boolean addToConfiguration, Component parentComponent)

Package Functions

void cancel_button_actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void ok_button_actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)

Private Member Functions

void jbInit () throws Exception

Private Attributes

BorderLayout borderLayout1 = new BorderLayout()
BorderLayout borderLayout2 = new BorderLayout()
BorderLayout borderLayout3 = new BorderLayout()
Box box2
Box box5
JList buildConfigList = new JList()
JButton cancel_button = new JButton()
FlowLayout flowLayout1 = new FlowLayout()
JPanel globalButton_panel = new JPanel()
GridLayout gridLayout1 = new GridLayout()
JPanel jPanel1 = new JPanel()
JPanel jPanel2 = new JPanel()
JPanel jPanel3 = new JPanel()
JScrollPane jScrollPane1 = new JScrollPane()
JScrollPane jScrollPane2 = new JScrollPane()
String message1 = " Project has been updated."
String message2 = " File list below."
JLabel messageLabel1 = new JLabel()
JLabel messageLabel2 = new JLabel()
JButton ok_button = new JButton()
TitledBorder titledBorder1
TitledBorder titledBorder2
JList updatedFilesList = new JList()

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 5885112642841314728L

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