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org::aspectj::org::eclipse::jdt::core::dom::DeclareErrorDeclaration Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::org::eclipse::jdt::core::dom::DeclareErrorDeclaration:


List of all members.

Detailed Description

DeclareErrorDeclaration DOM AST node.

Has everything a DeclareDeclaration has plus: a PointcutDesignator called 'pointcut' a StringLiteral called 'message'

Definition at line 23 of file DeclareErrorDeclaration.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAtAspectJAnnotations ()
Declare build (ClassScope classScope)
void generateCode (ClassScope classScope, ClassFile classFile)
StringLiteral getMessage ()
PointcutDesignator getPointcut ()
void parseStatements (Parser parser, CompilationUnitDeclaration unit)
void postParse (TypeDeclaration typeDec)
StringBuffer print (int tab, StringBuffer output)
void resolveStatements (ClassScope upperScope)
void setMessage (StringLiteral message)
void setPointcut (PointcutDesignator pointcut)

Static Public Member Functions

static List propertyDescriptors (int apiLevel)

Public Attributes

Declare declareDecl

Static Public Attributes

static final
static final
static final

Protected Member Functions

void addAttribute (EclipseAttributeAdapter eaa)
void addDeclarationStartLineAttribute (List extraAttributeList, ClassFile classFile)
int generateInfoAttributes (ClassFile classFile, boolean addAjSynthetic)
int generateInfoAttributes (ClassFile classFile)
boolean shouldDelegateCodeGeneration ()

Package Functions

void accept0 (ASTVisitor visitor)
ASTNode clone0 (AST target)
 DeclareErrorDeclaration (AST ast)
final ASTNode internalGetSetChildProperty (ChildPropertyDescriptor property, boolean get, ASTNode child)
ChildPropertyDescriptor internalJavadocProperty ()
ChildListPropertyDescriptor internalModifiers2Property ()
SimplePropertyDescriptor internalModifiersProperty ()
final List internalStructuralPropertiesForType (int apiLevel)
final boolean subtreeMatch0 (ASTMatcher matcher, Object other)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Attributes

StringLiteral message
PointcutDesignator pointcut

Static Private Attributes

static final List PROPERTY_DESCRIPTORS_2_0
static final List PROPERTY_DESCRIPTORS_3_0

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