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org::aspectj::tools::ant::taskdefs::AjcTask Class Reference

Inherits org::apache::tools::ant::taskdefs::MatchingTask.

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Detailed Description

This runs the AspectJ 1.1 compiler, supporting all the command-line options. In 1.1.1, ajc copies resources from input jars, but you can copy resources from the source directories using sourceRootCopyFilter. When not forking, things will be copied as needed for each iterative compile, but when forking things are only copied at the completion of a successful compile.

See the development environment guide for usage documentation.

AspectJ 1.1, Ant 1.5

Definition at line 72 of file AjcTask.java.

Public Member Functions

Path createArgfiles ()
Path createAspectpath ()
Path createBootclasspath ()
Path createClasspath ()
Path createExtdirs ()
Path createForkclasspath ()
Path createInjars ()
Path createInpath ()
Commandline.Argument createJvmarg ()
Path createSourceRoots ()
Path createSrc ()
Path createSrcdir ()
void execute () throws BuildException
boolean isForked ()
boolean isInIncrementalFileMode ()
boolean isInIncrementalMode ()
boolean quit ()
void readArguments (String[] args)
void reset ()
void setArgfiles (Path path)
void setArgfilesref (Reference ref)
void setAspectpath (Path path)
void setAspectpathref (Reference ref)
void setBootclasspath (Path path)
void setBootclasspathref (Reference bootclasspathref)
void setCheckRuntimeVersion (boolean b)
void setClasspath (Path path)
void setClasspathref (Reference classpathref)
void setCommandEditor (ICommandEditor editor)
void setCommandEditorClass (String className)
void setCompliance (String input)
void setCopyInjars (boolean doCopy)
void setCrossrefs (boolean on)
void setDebug (boolean debug)
void setDebugLevel (String level)
void setDeprecation (boolean deprecation)
void setDestdir (File dir)
void setEmacssym (boolean emacssym)
void setEncoding (String encoding)
void setExtdirs (Path path)
void setExtdirsref (Reference ref)
void setFailonerror (boolean failonerror)
void setFork (boolean fork)
void setForkclasspath (Path path)
void setForkclasspathref (Reference forkclasspathref)
void setHelp (boolean help)
void setIncremental (boolean incremental)
void setInjars (Path path)
void setInjarsref (Reference ref)
void setInpath (Path path)
void setInpathDirCopyFilter (String filter)
void setInpathref (Reference ref)
void setListFileArgs (boolean listFileArgs)
void setLog (File file)
void setLogCommand (boolean logCommand)
void setMaxmem (String maxMem)
void setMessageHolder (IMessageHolder holder)
void setMessageHolderClass (String className)
void setNoExit (boolean noExit)
void setNoImportError (boolean noImportError)
void setNowarn (boolean nowarn)
void setNoWeave (boolean b)
void setOutjar (File file)
void setOutxml (boolean outxml)
void setOutxmlfile (String name)
void setPreserveAllLocals (boolean preserveAllLocals)
void setProceedOnError (boolean proceedOnError)
void setReferenceInfo (boolean referenceInfo)
void setShowWeaveInfo (boolean showweaveinfo)
void setSource (String input)
void setSourceRootCopyFilter (String filter)
void setSourceRoots (Path roots)
void setSourcerootsref (Reference ref)
void setSrcDir (Path path)
void setTagFile (File file)
void setTarget (String input)
void setTime (boolean time)
String setupAjc (Javac javac)
void setVerbose (boolean verbose)
void setVersion (boolean version)
void setWarn (String warnings)
void setX (String input)
void setXaddSerialVersionUID (boolean addUID)
void setXDoneSignal (String doneSignal)
void setXJoinpoints (String optionalJoinpoints)
void setXlint (String xlint)
void setXlintfile (File xlintFile)
void setXlintwarnings (boolean xlintwarnings)
void setXNoInline (boolean noInline)
void setXNotReweavable (boolean notReweavable)
void setXNoWeave (boolean b)
void setXReweavable (boolean reweavable)
void setXTerminateAfterCompilation (boolean b)
void setXWeaveDir (File file)

Static Public Member Functions

static File findAspectjtoolsJar ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String COMMAND_EDITOR_NAME = AjcTask.class.getName() + ".COMMAND_EDITOR"

Protected Member Functions

void addListArgs (List list) throws BuildException
final boolean check (File file, String name, boolean isDir, Location loc)
void doCompletionTasks ()
int execInOtherVM (String[] args)
void executeInOtherVM (String[] args)
void executeInSameVM (String[] args)
void ignore (String ignored)
Path incPath (Path source, Path toAdd)
void logVerbose (String text)
void setupOptions ()
String validCommaList (String list, List valid, String label, int max)
String validCommaList (String list, List valid, String label)
void verifyOptions ()
File zipDirectory (File dir)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void addFlaggedPath (String flag, Path path, List list)

Protected Attributes

GuardedCommand cmd

Package Functions

void addFile (File path)
void addFiles (File[] paths)
String[] makeCommand ()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Package Attributes

static final String[] COMPLIANCE_INPUTS = new String[] { "-1.3", "-1.4", "-1.5", "-1.6" }
static final String[] SOURCE_INPUTS = new String[] { "1.3", "1.4", "1.5", "1.6" }
static final String[] TARGET_INPUTS = new String[] { "1.1", "1.2", "1.3", "1.4", "1.5", "1.6" }

Private Member Functions

void completeDestdir ()
void completeOutjar ()

Static Private Member Functions

static File isAspectjtoolsjar (String path)

Private Attributes

String[] adapterArguments
List adapterFiles
Path argfiles
Path aspectpath
Path bootclasspath
Path classpath
ICommandEditor commandEditor
boolean copyInjars
boolean copyInpath
File destDir
boolean executing
boolean executingInOtherVM
Path extdirs
boolean failonerror
boolean fork
Path forkclasspath
List ignored
boolean inIncrementalFileMode
boolean inIncrementalMode
Path injars
Path inpath
String inpathDirCopyFilter
CommandlineJava javaCmd = new CommandlineJava()
boolean listFileArgs
boolean logCommand
TaskLogger logger
Main main
String maxMem
IMessageHolder messageHolder
File outjar
boolean outjarFixedup
String sourceRootCopyFilter
Path sourceRoots
Path srcdir
File tmpOutjar
boolean verbose
String xdoneSignal
File xweaveDir

Static Private Attributes

static final ICommandEditor COMMAND_EDITOR
static final File DEFAULT_DESTDIR
static final int MAX_COMMANDLINE = 4096
static final String USAGE_SUBSTRING = "AspectJ-specific options"
static final List VALID_DEBUG
static final List VALID_WARNINGS
static final List VALID_XLINT
static final List VALID_XOPTIONS


class  AntMessageHandler
class  GuardedCommand

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