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org::aspectj::weaver::ReferenceType Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::weaver::ReferenceType:

org::aspectj::weaver::UnresolvedType org::aspectj::weaver::AnnotatedElement org::aspectj::weaver::TypeVariableDeclaringElement org::aspectj::weaver::ArrayReferenceType org::aspectj::weaver::BoundedReferenceType org::aspectj::weaver::TypeVariableReferenceType

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Detailed Description

A reference type represents some 'real' type, not a primitive, not an array - but a real type, for example java.util.List. Each ReferenceType has a delegate that is the underlying artifact - either an eclipse artifact or a bcel artifact. If the type represents a raw type (i.e. there is a generic form) then the genericType field is set to point to the generic type. If it is for a parameterized type then the generic type is also set to point to the generic form.

Definition at line 31 of file ReferenceType.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAnnotation (AnnotationAJ annotationX)
void addInterTypeMunger (ConcreteTypeMunger munger)
void addParent (ResolvedType newParent)
boolean canAnnotationTargetType ()
void checkInterTypeMungers ()
boolean checkLegalOverride (ResolvedMember parent, ResolvedMember child)
void clearInterTypeMungers ()
CrosscuttingMembers collectCrosscuttingMembers (boolean shouldConcretizeIfNeeded)
final Collection collectDeclares (boolean includeAdviceLike)
void demoteToSimpleType ()
ResolvedType discoverActualOccurrenceOfTypeInHierarchy (ResolvedType lookingFor)
boolean doesNotExposeShadowMungers ()
void ensureConsistent ()
final boolean equals (Object other)
ConcreteTypeMunger fillInAnyTypeParameters (ConcreteTypeMunger munger)
ResolvedPointcutDefinition findPointcut (String name)
AnnotationAJ getAnnotationOfType (UnresolvedType ofType)
AnnotationAJ[] getAnnotations ()
AnnotationTargetKind[] getAnnotationTargetKinds ()
ResolvedType[] getAnnotationTypes ()
String getBaseName ()
String getBinaryPath ()
String getClassName ()
UnresolvedType getComponentType ()
Collection getDeclaredAdvice ()
ResolvedMember[] getDeclaredFields ()
String getDeclaredGenericSignature ()
ResolvedType[] getDeclaredInterfaces ()
ResolvedMember[] getDeclaredJavaFields ()
ResolvedMember[] getDeclaredJavaMethods ()
ResolvedMember[] getDeclaredMethods ()
ResolvedMember[] getDeclaredPointcuts ()
Collection getDeclaredShadowMungers ()
ShadowMunger[] getDeclaredShadowMungersArray ()
Collection getDeclares ()
ResolvedType getDeclaringType ()
ReferenceTypeDelegate getDelegate ()
final Iterator getDirectSupertypes ()
int getEndPos ()
String getErasureSignature ()
List getExposedPointcuts ()
Iterator getFields ()
String getGenericSignature ()
ResolvedType getGenericType ()
List getInterTypeMungers ()
List getInterTypeMungersIncludingSupers ()
List getInterTypeParentMungers ()
List getInterTypeParentMungersIncludingSupers ()
Iterator getMethods ()
List getMethodsWithoutIterator (boolean includeITDs, boolean allowMissing, boolean genericsAware)
List getMethodsWithoutIterator (boolean includeITDs, boolean allowMissing)
int getModifiers ()
String getName ()
String getNameAsIdentifier ()
ResolvedType getOuterClass ()
UnresolvedType getOutermostType ()
String getPackageName ()
String getPackageNameAsIdentifier ()
PerClause getPerClause ()
Iterator getPointcuts ()
Collection getPrivilegedAccesses ()
String getRawName ()
UnresolvedType getRawType ()
ResolvedType getResolvedComponentType ()
ResolvedType[] getResolvedTypeParameters ()
String getRetentionPolicy ()
String getSignature ()
String getSignatureForAttribute ()
String getSimpleBaseName ()
String getSimpleName ()
int getSize ()
ISourceContext getSourceContext ()
ISourceLocation getSourceLocation ()
int getStartPos ()
ResolvedType getSuperclass ()
ResolvedType getTopmostImplementor (ResolvedType interfaceType)
TypeKind getTypekind ()
Collection getTypeMungers ()
UnresolvedType[] getTypeParameters ()
TypeVariable getTypeVariableNamed (String name)
TypeVariable[] getTypeVariables ()
WeaverStateInfo getWeaverState ()
World getWorld ()
boolean hasAnnotation (UnresolvedType ofType)
final int hashCode ()
final boolean isAbstract ()
boolean isAnnotation ()
boolean isAnnotationStyleAspect ()
boolean isAnnotationWithRuntimeRetention ()
boolean isAnonymous ()
final boolean isArray ()
boolean isAspect ()
boolean isAssignableFrom (ResolvedType other, boolean allowMissing)
boolean isAssignableFrom (ResolvedType other)
boolean isCheckedException ()
boolean isClass ()
boolean isCoerceableFrom (ResolvedType o)
final boolean isConvertableFrom (ResolvedType other)
boolean isEnum ()
boolean isException ()
boolean isExposedToWeaver ()
final boolean isFinal ()
boolean isGenericType ()
boolean isGenericWildcard ()
final boolean isInterface ()
boolean isMissing ()
boolean isNested ()
boolean isParameterizedType ()
boolean isParameterizedWithTypeVariable ()
boolean isPrimitiveType ()
boolean isRawType ()
boolean isSimpleType ()
boolean isSynthetic ()
boolean isTopmostImplementor (ResolvedType interfaceType)
boolean isTypeVariableReference ()
ResolvedMember lookupDirectlyDeclaredMemberNoSupers (Member member)
ResolvedMember lookupField (Member m)
ResolvedMember lookupMemberIncludingITDsOnInterfaces (Member member)
ResolvedMember lookupMemberNoSupers (Member member)
ResolvedMember lookupMemberWithSupersAndITDs (Member member)
ResolvedMember lookupMethod (Member m)
ResolvedMember lookupMethodInITDs (Member m)
ResolvedMember lookupResolvedMember (ResolvedMember aMember, boolean allowMissing, boolean ignoreGenerics)
ResolvedMember lookupSyntheticMember (Member member)
boolean needsModifiableDelegate ()
boolean needsNoConversionFrom (ResolvedType o)
UnresolvedType parameterize (Map typeBindings)
ResolvedType parameterizedWith (UnresolvedType[] typeParameters)
 ReferenceType (UnresolvedType genericType, World world)
 ReferenceType (ResolvedType theGenericType, ResolvedType[] theParameters, World aWorld)
 ReferenceType (String signature, String signatureErasure, World world)
 ReferenceType (String signature, World world)
ResolvedType resolve (World world)
void setBinaryPath (String binaryPath)
void setDelegate (ReferenceTypeDelegate delegate)
void setEndPos (int endPos)
void setGenericType (ReferenceType rt)
void setNeedsModifiableDelegate (boolean b)
void setStartPos (int startPos)
String toDebugString ()
String toString ()
String toTraceString ()
void write (DataOutputStream s) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static UnresolvedType[] add (UnresolvedType[] types, UnresolvedType end)
static boolean conflictingSignature (Member m1, Member m2)
static UnresolvedType forGenericType (String name, TypeVariable[] tvbs, String genericSig)
static UnresolvedType forGenericTypeSignature (String sig, String declaredGenericSig)
static UnresolvedType forGenericTypeVariables (String sig, TypeVariable[] tVars)
static UnresolvedType forName (String name)
static UnresolvedType[] forNames (String[] names)
static UnresolvedType forRawTypeName (String name)
static UnresolvedType forSignature (String signature)
static UnresolvedType[] forSignatures (String[] sigs)
static ReferenceType fromTypeX (UnresolvedType tx, World world)
static String[] getNames (UnresolvedType[] types)
static UnresolvedType[] insert (UnresolvedType start, UnresolvedType[] types)
static boolean isMissing (UnresolvedType unresolved)
static boolean isMoreVisible (int m1, int m2)
static boolean isVisible (int modifiers, ResolvedType targetType, ResolvedType fromType)
static UnresolvedType makeArray (UnresolvedType base, int dims)
static ResolvedType makeArray (ResolvedType type, int dim)
static boolean matches (Member m1, Member m2)
static UnresolvedType read (DataInputStream s) throws IOException
static UnresolvedType[] readArray (DataInputStream s) throws IOException
static void resetPrimitives ()
static void writeArray (UnresolvedType[] types, DataOutputStream s) throws IOException

Public Attributes

CrosscuttingMembers crosscuttingMembers
ResolvedType[] temporaryAnnotationTypes

Static Public Attributes

static final UnresolvedType ANNOTATION = forSignature("Ljava/lang/annotation/Annotation;")
static final UnresolvedType[] ARRAY_WITH_JUST_OBJECT = new UnresolvedType[] { OBJECT }
static final UnresolvedType AT_INHERITED = forSignature("Ljava/lang/annotation/Inherited;")
static final UnresolvedType AT_RETENTION = forSignature("Ljava/lang/annotation/Retention;")
static final UnresolvedType AT_TARGET = forSignature("Ljava/lang/annotation/Target;")
static final Primitive BOOLEAN = new Primitive("Z", 1, 7)
static final Primitive BYTE = new Primitive("B", 1, 0)
static final Primitive CHAR = new Primitive("C", 1, 1)
static final UnresolvedType CLONEABLE = forSignature("Ljava/lang/Cloneable;")
static final Primitive DOUBLE = new Primitive("D", 2, 2)
static final ResolvedType[] EMPTY_RESOLVED_TYPE_ARRAY = new ResolvedType[0]
static final UnresolvedType ENUM = forSignature("Ljava/lang/Enum;")
static final UnresolvedType ERROR = forSignature("Ljava/lang/Error;")
static final Primitive FLOAT = new Primitive("F", 1, 3)
static final Primitive INT = new Primitive("I", 1, 4)
static final UnresolvedType JAVA_LANG_ANNOTATION = UnresolvedType.forSignature("Ljava.lang.annotation.Annotation;")
static final UnresolvedType JAVA_LANG_CLASS = forSignature("Ljava/lang/Class;")
static final UnresolvedType JAVA_LANG_CLASS_ARRAY = forSignature("[Ljava/lang/Class;")
static final UnresolvedType JAVA_LANG_EXCEPTION = forSignature("Ljava/lang/Exception;")
static final UnresolvedType JAVA_LANG_REFLECT_METHOD = forSignature("Ljava/lang/reflect/Method;")
static final UnresolvedType JAVA_LANG_STRING = forSignature("Ljava/lang/String;")
static final UnresolvedType JOINPOINT_ENCLOSINGSTATICPART = forSignature("Lorg/aspectj/lang/JoinPoint$EnclosingStaticPart;")
static final UnresolvedType JOINPOINT_STATICPART = forSignature("Lorg/aspectj/lang/JoinPoint$StaticPart;")
static final Primitive LONG = new Primitive("J", 2, 5)
static final Missing MISSING = new Missing()
static final String MISSING_NAME = "@missing@"
static final ResolvedType[] NONE = new ResolvedType[0]
static final UnresolvedType OBJECT = forSignature("Ljava/lang/Object;")
static final UnresolvedType OBJECTARRAY = forSignature("[Ljava/lang/Object;")
static final UnresolvedType RUNTIME_EXCEPTION = forSignature("Ljava/lang/RuntimeException;")
static final UnresolvedType SERIALIZABLE = forSignature("Ljava/io/Serializable;")
static final Primitive SHORT = new Primitive("S", 1, 6)
static final UnresolvedType SOMETHING = new UnresolvedType("?")
static final UnresolvedType SUPPRESS_AJ_WARNINGS = forSignature("Lorg/aspectj/lang/annotation/SuppressAjWarnings;")
static final UnresolvedType THROWABLE = forSignature("Ljava/lang/Throwable;")
static final Primitive VOID = new Primitive("V", 0, 8)

Protected Member Functions

boolean ajMembersNeedParameterization ()
void collectInterTypeMungers (List collector)
Map getAjMemberParameterizationMap ()
Map getMemberParameterizationMap ()

Protected Attributes

List interTypeMungers = new ArrayList(0)
String signature
String signatureErasure
TypeKind typeKind = TypeKind.SIMPLE
UnresolvedType[] typeParameters
TypeVariable[] typeVariables
World world

Static Protected Attributes

static Set validBoxing = new HashSet()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

ReferenceTypeDelegate delegate = null
int endPos = 0
ReferenceType genericType = null
Collection parameterizedDeclares = null
ResolvedMember[] parameterizedFields = null
ResolvedType[] parameterizedInterfaces = null
ResolvedMember[] parameterizedMethods = null
ResolvedMember[] parameterizedPointcuts = null
Collection parameterizedTypeMungers = null
int startPos = 0

Private Member Functions

void addAnnotationType (ResolvedType ofType)
void addDependentType (ReferenceType dependent)
void clearParameterizationCaches ()
UnresolvedType[] determineThoseTypesToUse (ResolvedType parameterizedInterface, UnresolvedType[] paramTypes)
int getRank (String tvname)
UnresolvedType[] getTypesForMemberParameterization ()
final boolean isCoerceableFromParameterizedType (ResolvedType other)

Static Private Member Functions

static String makeDeclaredSignature (ResolvedType aGenericType, UnresolvedType[] someParameters)
static String makeParameterizedSignature (ResolvedType aGenericType, ResolvedType[] someParameters)

Private Attributes

AnnotationAJ[] annotations = null
ResolvedType[] annotationTypes = null
final List derivativeTypes = new ArrayList()
ResolvedType[] newInterfaces
ResolvedType newSuperclass

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