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org::aspectj::weaver::ResolvedMemberImpl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::weaver::ResolvedMemberImpl:

org::aspectj::weaver::AnnotatedElement org::aspectj::weaver::TypeVariableDeclaringElement org::aspectj::weaver::Member org::aspectj::weaver::Member org::aspectj::weaver::AnnotatedElement org::aspectj::weaver::TypeVariableDeclaringElement org::aspectj::ajdt::internal::compiler::lookup::EclipseResolvedMember org::aspectj::weaver::reflect::ReflectionBasedResolvedMemberImpl org::aspectj::weaver::bcel::AtAjAttributes::LazyResolvedPointcutDefinition org::aspectj::weaver::reflect::DeferredResolvedPointcutDefinition

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is the declared member, i.e. it will always correspond to an actual method/... declaration

Definition at line 31 of file ResolvedMemberImpl.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAnnotation (AnnotationAJ annotation)
boolean canBeParameterized ()
int compareTo (Object other)
boolean equals (Object other)
void evictWeavingState ()
String getAnnotationDefaultValue ()
AnnotationAJ getAnnotationOfType (UnresolvedType ofType)
AnnotationAJ[] getAnnotations ()
ResolvedType[] getAnnotationTypes ()
int getArity ()
ShadowMunger getAssociatedShadowMunger ()
ResolvedMember getBackingGenericMember ()
UnresolvedType getDeclaringType ()
Collection getDeclaringTypes (World world)
AjAttribute.EffectiveSignatureAttribute getEffectiveSignature ()
int getEnd ()
UnresolvedType[] getExceptions ()
final UnresolvedType[] getExceptions (World world)
UnresolvedType[] getGenericParameterTypes ()
UnresolvedType getGenericReturnType ()
String getGenericSignature ()
Iterator getJoinPointSignatures (World inAWorld)
MemberKind getKind ()
final int getModifiers ()
final int getModifiers (World world)
String getName ()
AnnotationAJ[][] getParameterAnnotations ()
ResolvedType[][] getParameterAnnotationTypes ()
final String[] getParameterNames (World world)
String[] getParameterNames ()
String getParameterSignature ()
String getParameterSignatureErased ()
UnresolvedType[] getParameterTypes ()
UnresolvedType getReturnType ()
String getSignature ()
String getSignatureErased ()
String getSignatureForAttribute ()
ISourceContext getSourceContext ()
ISourceContext getSourceContext (World world)
ISourceLocation getSourceLocation ()
int getStart ()
final UnresolvedType getType ()
TypeVariable getTypeVariableNamed (String name)
TypeVariable[] getTypeVariables ()
boolean hasAnnotation (UnresolvedType ofType)
boolean hasAnnotations ()
boolean hasBackingGenericMember ()
int hashCode ()
boolean isAbstract ()
boolean isAjSynthetic ()
boolean isAnnotatedElsewhere ()
boolean isBridgeMethod ()
boolean isCompatibleWith (Member am)
boolean isDefault ()
boolean isDefaultConstructor ()
boolean isEquivalentTo (Object other)
final boolean isInterface ()
boolean isNative ()
final boolean isPrivate ()
boolean isProtected ()
boolean isPublic ()
final boolean isStatic ()
boolean isSynthetic ()
boolean isVarargsMethod ()
boolean isVisible (ResolvedType fromType)
boolean matches (ResolvedMember aCandidateMatch, boolean ignoreGenerics)
ResolvedMember parameterizedWith (Map m, World w)
ResolvedMemberImpl parameterizedWith (UnresolvedType[] typeParameters, ResolvedType newDeclaringType, boolean isParameterized, List aliases)
ResolvedMemberImpl parameterizedWith (UnresolvedType[] typeParameters, ResolvedType newDeclaringType, boolean isParameterized)
void resetKind (MemberKind newKind)
void resetModifiers (int newModifiers)
void resetName (String newName)
void resetReturnTypeToObjectArray ()
ResolvedMember resolve (World world)
 ResolvedMemberImpl (MemberKind kind, UnresolvedType declaringType, int modifiers, String name, String signature)
 ResolvedMemberImpl (MemberKind kind, UnresolvedType declaringType, int modifiers, UnresolvedType returnType, String name, UnresolvedType[] parameterTypes, UnresolvedType[] checkedExceptions, ResolvedMember backingGenericMember)
 ResolvedMemberImpl (MemberKind kind, UnresolvedType declaringType, int modifiers, UnresolvedType returnType, String name, UnresolvedType[] parameterTypes, UnresolvedType[] checkedExceptions)
 ResolvedMemberImpl (MemberKind kind, UnresolvedType declaringType, int modifiers, UnresolvedType returnType, String name, UnresolvedType[] parameterTypes)
void setAnnotatedElsewhere (boolean b)
void setAnnotationTypes (UnresolvedType[] annotationtypes)
void setCheckedExceptions (UnresolvedType[] checkedExceptions)
void setDeclaringType (ReferenceType rt)
final void setParameterNames (String[] pnames)
void setPosition (int sourceStart, int sourceEnd)
void setSourceContext (ISourceContext sourceContext)
void setTypeVariables (TypeVariable[] tvars)
void setVarargsMethod ()
String toDebugString ()
String toGenericString ()
String toString ()
void wipeJoinpointSignatures ()
JoinPointSignature withSubstituteDeclaringType (ResolvedType newDeclaringType)
void write (DataOutputStream s) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static void appendSigWithTypeVarBoundsRemoved (UnresolvedType aType, StringBuffer toBuffer, Set alreadyUsedTypeVars)
static MemberImpl field (String declaring, int mods, String name, String signature)
static JoinPointSignature[] getJoinPointSignatures (Member joinPointSignature, World inAWorld)
static ResolvedMemberImpl makeExceptionHandlerSignature (UnresolvedType inType, UnresolvedType catchType)
static MemberImpl method (UnresolvedType declTy, int mods, UnresolvedType rTy, String name, UnresolvedType[] paramTys)
static MemberImpl method (UnresolvedType declaring, int mods, String name, String signature)
static MemberImpl monitorEnter ()
static MemberImpl monitorExit ()
static Member pointcut (UnresolvedType declaring, String name, String signature)
static ResolvedMemberImpl readResolvedMember (VersionedDataInputStream s, ISourceContext sourceContext) throws IOException
static ResolvedMember[] readResolvedMemberArray (VersionedDataInputStream s, ISourceContext context) throws IOException
static String typesToSignature (UnresolvedType[] paramTypes)
static String typesToSignature (UnresolvedType returnType, UnresolvedType[] paramTypes, boolean useRawTypes)
static void writeArray (ResolvedMember[] members, DataOutputStream s) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final MemberKind ADVICE = new MemberKind("ADVICE", 6)
static final MemberKind CONSTRUCTOR
static final MemberKind FIELD = new MemberKind("FIELD", 2)
static final MemberKind HANDLER = new MemberKind("HANDLER", 7)
static final MemberKind METHOD = new MemberKind("METHOD", 1)
static final MemberKind MONITORENTER
static final MemberKind MONITOREXIT
static final ResolvedType[][] NO_PARAMETER_ANNOTATION_TYPES = new ResolvedType[][] {}
static final AnnotationAJ[][] NO_PARAMETER_ANNOTATIONXS = new AnnotationAJ[][] {}
static final ResolvedMember[] NONE = new ResolvedMember[0]
static final Member[] NONE = new Member[0]
static final MemberKind POINTCUT = new MemberKind("POINTCUT", 5)
static boolean showParameterNames = true
static final MemberKind STATIC_INITIALIZATION

Protected Member Functions

UnresolvedType parameterize (UnresolvedType aType, Map typeVariableMap, boolean inParameterizedType, World w)
void setAjSynthetic (boolean b)

Protected Attributes

Set annotationTypes = null
ResolvedMember backingGenericMember = null
UnresolvedType[] checkedExceptions = UnresolvedType.NONE
UnresolvedType declaringType
int end
MemberKind kind
int modifiers
String name
ResolvedType[][] parameterAnnotationTypes = null
UnresolvedType[] parameterTypes
UnresolvedType returnType
ISourceContext sourceContext = null
int start
TypeVariable[] typeVariables

Private Member Functions

String getParameterSigWithBoundsRemoved ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void accumulateMembersMatching (ResolvedMemberImpl memberToMatch, Iterator typesToLookIn, List typesAlreadyVisited, Set foundMembers, boolean ignoreGenerics)
static void accumulateTypesInBetween (ResolvedType subType, ResolvedType superType, List types)
static boolean equalTypes (UnresolvedType[] a, UnresolvedType[] b)
static boolean isVisibleTo (ResolvedMember childMember, ResolvedMember parentMember)
static boolean shouldWalkUpHierarchyFor (Member aMember)

Private Attributes

boolean isAjSynthetic = false
boolean isAnnotatedElsewhere = false
String myParameterSignatureErasure = null
String myParameterSignatureWithBoundsRemoved = null
String[] parameterNames = null

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