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static List org::aspectj::org::eclipse::jdt::core::dom::AdviceDeclaration::propertyDescriptors ( int  apiLevel  )  [inline, static]

Returns a list of structural property descriptors for this node type. Clients must not modify the result.

apiLevel the API level; one of the AST.JLS* constants
a list of property descriptors (element type: StructuralPropertyDescriptor)

Definition at line 103 of file AdviceDeclaration.java.

References PROPERTY_DESCRIPTORS_2_0, PROPERTY_DESCRIPTORS_3_0, and propertyDescriptors().

Referenced by propertyDescriptors().

            if (apiLevel == AST.JLS2_INTERNAL) {
                  return PROPERTY_DESCRIPTORS_2_0;
            } else {
                  return PROPERTY_DESCRIPTORS_3_0;

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