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void org::aspectj::ajdt::internal::compiler::lookup::EclipseScope::setLimitedImports ( char[]  validPackage  )  [inline]

Mark this scope as only allowing limited support for imports. This is to ensure that references in annotation style pointcuts are accidentally resolved against import statements. They won't be if javac is used (and the resulting .class file will contain 'bad pointcuts') so this method enables it to also be policed when compiling with ajc.

validPackage unqualified references can be resolved if the type is in the same package as the type containing the pointcut declaration.

Definition at line 294 of file EclipseScope.java.

            referenceFromAnnotationStylePointcut = true;
            this.validPackage = validPackage;
            importedPrefixes = JL; // Consider only java.lang. as an import
            importedNames = NONE; // No imported names

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