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org::aspectj::asm::AsmManager Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Abstract Structure Model (ASM) represents the containment hierarchy and crosscutting structure map for AspectJ programs. It is used by IDE views such as the document outline, and by other tools such as ajdoc to show both AspectJ declarations and crosscutting links, such as which advice affects which join point shadows.

Mik Kersten

Andy Clement

Definition at line 54 of file AsmManager.java.

Public Member Functions

void addAspectInEffectThisBuild (File f)
void addListener (IHierarchyListener listener)
void dumprels (Writer w) throws IOException
void fireModelUpdated ()
void fixupStructureModel (Writer fw, List filesToBeCompiled, Set files_added, Set files_deleted) throws IOException
Set getAspectsWeavingFilesOnLastBuild ()
String getCanonicalFilePath (File f)
String getHandleElementForInpath (String binaryPath)
IElementHandleProvider getHandleProvider ()
IHierarchy getHierarchy ()
HashMap getInlineAnnotations (String sourceFile, boolean showSubMember, boolean showMemberAndType)
Set getModelChangesOnLastBuild ()
IRelationshipMap getRelationshipMap ()
void processDelta (Collection files_tobecompiled, Set files_added, Set files_deleted)
void readStructureModel (String configFilePath)
void removeAllListeners ()
void removeRelationshipsTargettingThisType (String typename)
void removeStructureListener (IHierarchyListener listener)
boolean removeStructureModelForFiles (Writer fw, Collection files) throws IOException
void reportModelInfo (String reasonForReport)
void resetDeltaProcessing ()
void setHandleProvider (IElementHandleProvider handleProvider)
ModelInfo summarizeModel ()
void writeStructureModel (String configFilePath)

Static Public Member Functions

static AsmManager createNewStructureModel (Map inpathMap)
static void dumptree (IProgramElement node, int indent) throws IOException
static void dumptree (Writer w, IProgramElement node, int indent) throws IOException
static boolean isCompletingTypeBindings ()
static boolean isReporting ()
static void setCompletingTypeBindings (boolean b)
static void setDontReport ()
static void setLastActiveStructureModel (AsmManager structureModel)
static void setReporting (String filename, boolean dModel, boolean dRels, boolean dDeltaProcessing, boolean deletefile, IModelFilter aFilter)
static void setReporting (String filename, boolean dModel, boolean dRels, boolean dDeltaProcessing, boolean deletefile)
static void verifyAssumption (boolean b)
static void verifyAssumption (boolean b, String info)

Static Public Attributes

static boolean attemptIncrementalModelRepairs = false
static boolean dumpModelPostBuild = false
static boolean forceSingletonBehaviour = false
static AsmManager lastActiveStructureModel
static boolean recordingLastActiveStructureModel = true

Protected Attributes

IHierarchy hierarchy
Map inpathMap

Package Attributes

final Set aspectsWeavingInLastBuild = new HashSet()

Private Member Functions

void dumprelsStderr (String key)
String genExternFilePath (String configFilePath)
void getAllStructureChildren (IProgramElement node, List result, boolean showSubMember, boolean showMemberAndType)
String getTypeNameFromHandle (String handle, Map cache)
Object intern (String substring)
String internOneThing (String substring)
boolean isPhantomHandle (String handle)
void notifyListeners ()
void removeNode (IProgramElement progElem)
void removeSingleNode (IProgramElement progElem)
void repairRelationships (Writer fw)
boolean sameType (String hid, IProgramElement target, IProgramElement type)

Private Attributes

final CanonicalFilePathMap canonicalFilePathMap = new CanonicalFilePathMap()
IElementHandleProvider handleProvider
final Set lastBuildChanges = new HashSet()
IRelationshipMap mapper
List pieces = new ArrayList()
final List structureListeners = new ArrayList()

Static Private Attributes

static boolean completingTypeBindings = false
static boolean dumpDeltaProcessing = false
static String dumpFilename = ""
static boolean dumpModel = false
static boolean dumpRelationships = false
static IModelFilter modelFilter = null
static boolean reporting = false


class  CanonicalFilePathMap
class  ModelInfo

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