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org::aspectj::bridge::Message Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Implement messages. This implementation is immutable if ISourceLocation is immutable.

Definition at line 26 of file Message.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean getDeclared ()
String getDetails ()
List getExtraSourceLocations ()
int getID ()
IMessage.Kind getKind ()
final String getMessage ()
int getSourceEnd ()
final ISourceLocation getSourceLocation ()
int getSourceStart ()
final Throwable getThrown ()
boolean isAbort ()
boolean isDebug ()
boolean isError ()
boolean isFailed ()
boolean isInfo ()
boolean isTaskTag ()
boolean isWarning ()
 Message (String message, IMessage.Kind kind, Throwable thrown, ISourceLocation sourceLocation)
 Message (String message, String details, IMessage.Kind kind, ISourceLocation sLoc, Throwable thrown, ISourceLocation[] otherLocs, boolean declared, int id, int sourcestart, int sourceend)
 Message (String message, String details, IMessage.Kind kind, ISourceLocation sourceLocation, Throwable thrown, ISourceLocation[] extraSourceLocations)
 Message (String message, ISourceLocation location, boolean isError, ISourceLocation[] extraSourceLocations)
 Message (String message, ISourceLocation location, boolean isError)
String toString ()

Static Public Attributes

static final Kind ABORT = new Kind("abort", 60)
static final Kind DEBUG = new Kind("debug", 20)
static final Kind ERROR = new Kind("error", 40)
static final Kind FAIL = new Kind("fail", 50)
static final Kind INFO = new Kind("info", 10)
static final List KINDS
static final IMessage[] RA_IMessage = new IMessage[0]
static final Kind TASKTAG = new Kind("task",25)
static final Kind WARNING = new Kind("warning", 30)
static final Kind WEAVEINFO = new Kind("weaveinfo",5)

Private Attributes

final boolean declared
final String details
final List extraSourceLocations
final int id
final IMessage.Kind kind
final String message
final int sourceEnd
final ISourceLocation sourceLocation
final int sourceStart
final Throwable thrown

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