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org::aspectj::internal::lang::reflect::AdviceImpl Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::internal::lang::reflect::AdviceImpl:


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Detailed Description


Definition at line 28 of file AdviceImpl.java.

Public Member Functions

AjType getDeclaringType ()
AjType<?>[] getExceptionTypes ()
Type[] getGenericParameterTypes ()
AdviceKind getKind ()
String getName ()
AjType<?>[] getParameterTypes ()
PointcutExpression getPointcutExpression ()
String toString ()

Protected Member Functions

 AdviceImpl (Method method, String pointcut, AdviceKind type, String extraParamName)
 AdviceImpl (Method method, String pointcut, AdviceKind type)

Private Attributes

final Method adviceMethod
AjType[] exceptionTypes
Type[] genericParameterTypes
boolean hasExtraParam = false
final AdviceKind kind
AjType[] parameterTypes
PointcutExpression pointcutExpression

Static Private Attributes

static final String AJC_INTERNAL = "org.aspectj.runtime.internal"

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