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String org::aspectj::internal::lang::reflect::AdviceImpl::getName (  )  [inline]

Returns the advice name, or the empty string if the advice is anonymous. If using the annotations, the advice name is the name of the annotated advice method. If using the code style, the advice is anonymous, unless the advice is annotated with the annotation, in which case the name given in the annotation is returned.

Implements org::aspectj::lang::reflect::Advice.

Definition at line 106 of file AdviceImpl.java.

References org::aspectj::lang::annotation::AdviceName::value().

Referenced by getGenericParameterTypes().

            String adviceName = adviceMethod.getName();
            if (adviceName.startsWith("ajc$")) {
                  adviceName = "";
                  AdviceName name = adviceMethod.getAnnotation(AdviceName.class);
                  if (name != null) adviceName = name.value();
            return adviceName;

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