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org::aspectj::internal::tools::build::Module Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This represents an (eclipse) build module/unit used by a Builder to compile classes and/or assemble zip file of classes, optionally with all antecedants. This implementation infers attributes from two files in the module directory:

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Definition at line 50 of file Module.java.

Public Member Functions

String getFullPath (String path)
Modules getModules ()
Result getResult (Kind kind)
String toLongString ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean outOfDate (Result result)

Public Attributes

final File moduleDir
final String name
final boolean valid

Protected Member Functions

boolean initResults ()
boolean reviewInit ()

Package Functions

List classpathVariables (Result result)
List exportedLibJars (Result result)
List libJars (Result result)
 Module (File moduleDir, File jarDir, String name, Modules modules, Messager messager)
List requiredModules (Result result)
List srcDirs (Result result)

Static Package Functions

static void doFindJarRequirements (Result result, List known)

Private Member Functions

boolean init ()
boolean initClasspath ()
boolean initManifest ()
boolean initProperties ()
void myResult (Result result)
boolean update (String kind, String path, String toString, boolean exported)
void warnVariable (String path, String toString)

Static Private Member Functions

static void addIfNew (List source, List sink)
static boolean isSourceFile (File file)
static boolean outOfDate (long time, File file)
static void sourceFiles (File srcDir, List result)
static Iterator sourceFiles (File srcDir)

Private Attributes

final List classpathVariables
final List exportedLibJars
final List libJars
final Messager messager
final File moduleJar
final Modules modules
final Properties properties
final Result release
final Result releaseAll
final List requiredModules
final List srcDirs
final Result test
final Result testAll

Static Private Attributes

static final String[] ATTS


class  ICB
class  XMLItem

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