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org::aspectj::bridge::ISourceLocation Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

Represent source location as a starting line/column and ending line in a source file. Implementations should be immutable. XXX why?

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Definition at line 27 of file ISourceLocation.java.

Public Member Functions

int getColumn ()
String getContext ()
int getEndLine ()
int getLine ()
int getOffset ()
File getSourceFile ()
String getSourceFileName ()

Static Public Attributes

static final ISourceLocation EMPTY = new SourceLocation(NO_FILE, 0, 0, 0)
static final int MAX_COLUMN = MAX_LINE
static final int NO_COLUMN = Integer.MIN_VALUE + 1
static final File NO_FILE = new File("ISourceLocation.NO_FILE")

Static Package Attributes

static final int MAX_LINE = Integer.MAX_VALUE / 2

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