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org::aspectj::ajde::ui::javaoptions::JavaBuildOptions Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class which handles the setting of the java options and the java options map required by ICompilerConfiguration::getJavaOptionsMap()

Definition at line 21 of file JavaBuildOptions.java.

Public Member Functions

Map getJavaBuildOptionsMap ()
void setCharacterEncoding (String value)
void setComplianceLevel (String level)
void setDebugLines (String option)
void setDebugSource (String option)
void setDebugVariables (String option)
void setOption (String javaOption, String value)
void setPreserveAllLocals (String value)
void setSourceCompatibilityLevel (String level)
void setTargetLevel (String level)
void setWarnAssertIdentifier (String option)
void setWarnDeprecation (String option)
void setWarnHiddenCatchBlocks (String option)
void setWarnMethodWithConstructorName (String option)
void setWarnNonNLS (String option)
void setWarnOverridingPackageDefaultMethod (String option)
void setWarnSyntheticAccess (String option)
void setWarnUnusedImports (String option)
void setWarnUnusedLocals (String option)
void setWarnUnusedParameters (String option)

Private Attributes

Map javaBuildOptions

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