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org::aspectj::ajde::ui::javaoptions::JavaComplianceOptionsPanel Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::ajde::ui::javaoptions::JavaComplianceOptionsPanel:


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Detailed Description

An options panel which displays the java compiler compliance options. Users should add this to the Ajde.getOptionsFrame()

Definition at line 37 of file JavaComplianceOptionsPanel.java.

Public Member Functions

 JavaComplianceOptionsPanel (JavaBuildOptions javaBuildOptions)
void loadOptions () throws IOException
void saveOptions () throws IOException

Private Member Functions

void addBordersToPanel ()
void createBorders ()
void createComplianceContents ()
void createComplianceEntry (String labelText, String javaOptionToSet)
void jbInit () throws Exception

Private Attributes

Box complianceBox = Box.createVerticalBox()
Map complianceComboBoxes = new HashMap()
Border complianceCompoundBorder
Border complianceEtchedBorder
final String[] complianceLevels = new String[] {JavaOptions.VERSION_13, JavaOptions.VERSION_14, JavaOptions.VERSION_15, JavaOptions.VERSION_16}
JPanel compliancePanel
TitledBorder complianceTitleBorder
JavaBuildOptions javaBuildOptions
JPanel parentPanel

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 4491319302490183151L

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