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void org::aspectj::ajdt::internal::compiler::ast::IfPseudoToken::postParse ( TypeDeclaration  typeDec,
MethodDeclaration  enclosingDec 
) [inline]

enclosingDec is either AdviceDeclaration or PointcutDeclaration

Definition at line 73 of file IfPseudoToken.java.

            // typeDec.scope.problemReporter().signalError(sourceStart, sourceEnd,
            // "if pcd is not implemented in 1.1alpha1");
            // XXX need to implement correctly
            if (pointcut == null)

            testMethod = makeMethod(enclosingDec.compilationResult, enclosingDec);
            AstUtil.addMethodDeclaration(typeDec, testMethod);

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