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org::aspectj::weaver::World Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::weaver::World:

org::aspectj::weaver::reflect::ReflectionWorld org::aspectj::weaver::ltw::LTWWorld

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A World is a collection of known types and crosscutting members.

Definition at line 50 of file World.java.

Public Member Functions

void accept (IVisitor visior)
void accept (Dump.IVisitor visitor)
boolean areSynchronizationPointcutsInUse ()
int compareByPrecedence (ResolvedType aspect1, ResolvedType aspect2)
int compareByPrecedenceAndHierarchy (ResolvedType aspect1, ResolvedType aspect2)
boolean couldIncrementalCompileFollow ()
final Advice createAdviceMunger (AdviceKind kind, Pointcut p, Member signature, int extraParameterFlags, IHasSourceLocation loc)
void demote ()
void ensureAdvancedConfigurationProcessed ()
void flush ()
void forgetTypeVariablesCurrentlyBeingProcessed (Class baseClass)
TypePattern getAspectScope (ResolvedType declaringType)
ResolvedType getCoreType (UnresolvedType tx)
CrosscuttingMembersSet getCrosscuttingMembersSet ()
ICrossReferenceHandler getCrossReferenceHandler ()
List getDeclareAnnotationOnFields ()
List< DeclareAnnotation > getDeclareAnnotationOnMethods ()
List getDeclareAnnotationOnTypes ()
List getDeclareParents ()
List getDeclareSoft ()
Map< ResolvedType, Set
< ResolvedType > > 
getExclusionMap ()
Map getExpendable ()
Properties getExtraConfiguration ()
Map getFixed ()
Lint getLint ()
IMessageHandler getMessageHandler ()
IStructureModel getModel ()
Integer getPrecedenceIfAny (ResolvedType aspect1, ResolvedType aspect2)
Set getRegisteredPointcutHandlers ()
String getTargetAspectjRuntimeLevel ()
TypeVariableDeclaringElement getTypeVariableLookupScope ()
TypeVariable[] getTypeVariablesCurrentlyBeingProcessed (Class baseClass)
abstract IWeavingSupport getWeavingSupport ()
boolean isAddSerialVerUID ()
boolean isAspectIncluded (ResolvedType aspectType)
boolean isHasMemberSupportEnabled ()
boolean isIgnoringUnusedDeclaredThrownException ()
boolean isInJava5Mode ()
boolean isInPinpointMode ()
boolean isJoinpointArrayConstructionEnabled ()
boolean isJoinpointSynchronizationEnabled ()
boolean isLocallyDefined (String classname)
boolean isRunMinimalMemory ()
boolean isTargettingAspectJRuntime12 ()
boolean isXlazyTjp ()
boolean isXmlConfigured ()
boolean isXnoInline ()
ReferenceType lookupBySignature (String signature)
ReferenceType lookupOrCreateName (UnresolvedType ty)
void performExtraConfiguration (String config)
void recordTypeVariablesCurrentlyBeingProcessed (Class baseClass, TypeVariable[] typeVariables)
void registerPointcutHandler (PointcutDesignatorHandler designatorHandler)
void reportCheckerMatch (Checker checker, Shadow shadow)
void reportMatch (ShadowMunger munger, Shadow shadow)
ResolvedMember resolve (Member member)
ResolvedType resolve (String name, boolean allowMissing)
ResolvedType resolve (String name)
ResolvedType resolve (ResolvedType ty)
ResolvedType resolve (UnresolvedType ty, boolean allowMissing)
ResolvedType[] resolve (UnresolvedType[] types)
ResolvedType resolve (UnresolvedType ty, ISourceLocation isl)
ResolvedType resolve (UnresolvedType ty)
ResolvedType resolveGenericTypeFor (UnresolvedType anUnresolvedType, boolean allowMissing)
void setAddSerialVerUID (boolean b)
void setBehaveInJava5Way (boolean b)
void setCrossReferenceHandler (ICrossReferenceHandler xrefHandler)
void setErrorAndWarningThreshold (long errorThreshold, long warningThreshold)
void setIncrementalCompileCouldFollow (boolean b)
void setLint (Lint lint)
void setMessageHandler (IMessageHandler messageHandler)
void setModel (IStructureModel model)
void setOptionalJoinpoints (String jps)
void setPinpointMode (boolean b)
void setSynchronizationPointcutsInUse ()
void setTargetAspectjRuntimeLevel (String s)
void setTypeVariableLookupScope (TypeVariableDeclaringElement scope)
void setXHasMemberSupportEnabled (boolean b)
void setXlazyTjp (boolean b)
void setXnoInline (boolean xnoInline)
boolean shouldFastPackMethods ()
boolean shouldGenerateStackMaps ()
boolean shouldPipelineCompilation ()
void showMessage (Kind kind, String message, ISourceLocation loc1, ISourceLocation loc2)
void validateType (UnresolvedType type)

Public Attributes

boolean forDEBUG_bridgingCode = false
boolean forDEBUG_structuralChangesCode = false

Static Public Attributes

static boolean createInjarHierarchy = true
static final String xsetBCEL_REPOSITORY_CACHING = "bcelRepositoryCaching"
static final String xsetBCEL_REPOSITORY_CACHING_DEFAULT = "true"
static final String xsetCAPTURE_ALL_CONTEXT = "captureAllContext"
static final String xsetCOMPLETE_BINARY_TYPES = "completeBinaryTypes"
static final String xsetCOMPLETE_BINARY_TYPES_DEFAULT = "false"
static final String xsetDEBUG_BRIDGING = "debugBridging"
static final String xsetDEBUG_STRUCTURAL_CHANGES_CODE = "debugStructuralChangesCode"
static final String xsetFAST_PACK_METHODS = "fastPackMethods"
static final String xsetGENERATE_STACKMAPS = "generateStackMaps"
static final String xsetPIPELINE_COMPILATION = "pipelineCompilation"
static final String xsetPIPELINE_COMPILATION_DEFAULT = "true"
static final String xsetRUN_MINIMAL_MEMORY = "runMinimalMemory"
static final String xsetTYPE_DEMOTION = "typeDemotion"
static final String xsetTYPE_DEMOTION_DEBUG = "typeDemotionDebug"
static final String xsetTYPE_REFS = "useWeakTypeRefs"
static final String xsetWEAVE_JAVA_PACKAGES = "weaveJavaPackages"
static final String xsetWEAVE_JAVAX_PACKAGES = "weaveJavaxPackages"

Protected Member Functions

void completeBinaryType (ResolvedType ret)
boolean isExpendable (ResolvedType type)
abstract ReferenceTypeDelegate resolveDelegate (ReferenceType ty)
 World ()

Protected Attributes

boolean bcelRepositoryCaching = xsetBCEL_REPOSITORY_CACHING_DEFAULT.equalsIgnoreCase("true")
TypeMap typeMap = new TypeMap(this)

Private Member Functions

ResolvedType handleRequiredMissingTypeDuringResolution (UnresolvedType ty)
ReferenceType makeGenericTypeFrom (ReferenceTypeDelegate delegate, ReferenceType rawType)
ReferenceType resolveGenericWildcardFor (WildcardedUnresolvedType aType)
final ResolvedType resolveToReferenceType (UnresolvedType ty, boolean allowMissing)

Private Attributes

boolean addSerialVerUID = false
boolean behaveInJava5Way = false
boolean checkedAdvancedConfiguration = false
boolean completeBinaryTypes = false
final CrosscuttingMembersSet crosscuttingMembersSet = new CrosscuttingMembersSet(this)
List dumpState_cantFindTypeExceptions = null
long errorThreshold
Map< ResolvedType, Set
< ResolvedType > > 
exclusionMap = new HashMap<ResolvedType, Set<ResolvedType>>()
Properties extraConfiguration = null
boolean fastMethodPacking = false
boolean incrementalCompileCouldFollow = false
Lint lint = new Lint(this)
IMessageHandler messageHandler = IMessageHandler.SYSTEM_ERR
IStructureModel model = null
boolean optionalJoinpoint_ArrayConstruction = false
boolean optionalJoinpoint_Synchronization = false
Set pointcutDesignators
final AspectPrecedenceCalculator precedenceCalculator
boolean runMinimalMemory = false
boolean shouldGenerateStackMaps = false
boolean shouldPipelineCompilation = true
boolean synchronizationPointcutsInUse = false
String targetAspectjRuntimeLevel = Constants.RUNTIME_LEVEL_DEFAULT
TypeVariableDeclaringElement typeVariableLookupScope
long warningThreshold
final Map workInProgress1 = new HashMap()
boolean XhasMember = false
boolean XlazyTjp
boolean XnoInline
boolean Xpinpoint = false
ICrossReferenceHandler xrefHandler = null

Static Private Attributes

static Trace trace = TraceFactory.getTraceFactory().getTrace(World.class)


class  AspectPrecedenceCalculator
class  TypeMap

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