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org::aspectj::weaver::loadtime::ClassLoaderWeavingAdaptor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::weaver::loadtime::ClassLoaderWeavingAdaptor:


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Detailed Description

Alexandre Vasseur

Definition at line 57 of file ClassLoaderWeavingAdaptor.java.

Public Member Functions

void addURL (URL url)
 ClassLoaderWeavingAdaptor (final ClassLoader deprecatedLoader, final IWeavingContext deprecatedContext)
void flushGeneratedClasses ()
boolean generatedClassesExistFor (String className)
String getContextId ()
IMessageHolder getMessageHolder ()
String getNamespace ()
byte[] weaveClass (String name, byte[] bytes, boolean mustWeave) throws IOException
byte[] weaveClass (String name, byte[] bytes) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final String SHOW_WEAVE_INFO_PROPERTY = "org.aspectj.weaver.showWeaveInfo"
static final String TRACE_MESSAGES_PROPERTY = "org.aspectj.tracing.messages"
static final String WEAVING_ADAPTOR_VERBOSE = "aj.weaving.verbose"

Protected Member Functions

boolean accept (String className, byte[] bytes)
void createMessageHandler ()
boolean debug (String message)
void disable ()
void dump (String name, byte[] b, boolean before)
void enable ()
void ensureDelegateInitialized (String name, byte[] bytes)
boolean error (String message, Throwable th)
boolean error (String message)
String getDumpDir ()
IMessageHandler getMessageHandler ()
boolean info (String message)
void initialize (final ClassLoader classLoader, IWeavingContext context)
boolean isEnabled ()
void lint (String name, String[] infos)
void setMessageHandler (IMessageHandler mh)
boolean shouldDump (String className, boolean before)
boolean warn (String message, Throwable th)
boolean warn (String message)

Protected Attributes

BcelWorld bcelWorld
BcelObjectType delegateForCurrentClass
Map generatedClasses = new HashMap()
GeneratedClassHandler generatedClassHandler
boolean verbose = getVerbose()
BcelWeaver weaver

Package Functions

List parseDefinitions (final ClassLoader loader)

Private Member Functions

boolean acceptAspect (String aspectClassName)
void defineClass (ClassLoader loader, String name, byte[] bytes)
String getClassLoaderName (ClassLoader loader)
String looksLikeStartsWith (String typePattern)
void registerAspectExclude (final BcelWeaver weaver, final ClassLoader loader, final List definitions)
void registerAspectInclude (final BcelWeaver weaver, final ClassLoader loader, final List definitions)
boolean registerAspects (final BcelWeaver weaver, final ClassLoader loader, final List definitions)
boolean registerDefinitions (final BcelWeaver weaver, final ClassLoader loader, List definitions)
void registerDump (final BcelWeaver weaver, final ClassLoader loader, final List definitions)
void registerIncludeExclude (final BcelWeaver weaver, final ClassLoader loader, final List definitions)
void registerOptions (final BcelWeaver weaver, final ClassLoader loader, final List definitions)
boolean weaveAndDefineConceteAspects ()

Private Attributes

List concreteAspects = new ArrayList()
boolean dumpDirPerClassloader = false
boolean initialized
List m_aspectExcludeStartsWith = new ArrayList()
List m_aspectExcludeTypePattern = new ArrayList()
List m_aspectIncludeStartsWith = new ArrayList()
List m_aspectIncludeTypePattern = new ArrayList()
boolean m_dumpBefore = false
List m_dumpTypePattern = new ArrayList()
List m_excludeStartsWith = new ArrayList()
List m_excludeTypePattern = new ArrayList()
List m_includeStartsWith = new ArrayList()
List m_includeTypePattern = new ArrayList()
IWeavingContext weavingContext

Static Private Attributes

static final String AOP_XML = Constants.AOP_USER_XML + ";" + Constants.AOP_AJC_XML + ";" + Constants.AOP_OSGI_XML
static Trace trace = TraceFactory.getTraceFactory().getTrace(ClassLoaderWeavingAdaptor.class)


class  SimpleGeneratedClassHandler

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