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org::aspectj::weaver::loadtime::Options Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A class that hanldes LTW options. Note: AV - I choosed to not reuse AjCompilerOptions and alike since those implies too many dependancies on jdt and ajdt modules.

Alexandre Vasseur

Definition at line 29 of file Options.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static WeaverOption parse (String options, ClassLoader laoder, IMessageHandler imh)

Static Private Attributes

static final String OPTION_15 = "-1.5"
static final String OPTION_addSerialVersionUID = "-XaddSerialVersionUID"
static final String OPTION_debug = "-debug"
static final String OPTION_hasMember = "-XhasMember"
static final String OPTION_lazyTjp = "-XlazyTjp"
static final String OPTION_noinline = "-Xnoinline"
static final String OPTION_noWarn = "-nowarn"
static final String OPTION_noWarnNone = "-warn:none"
static final String OPTION_pinpoint = "-Xdev:pinpoint"
static final String OPTION_proceedOnError = "-proceedOnError"
static final String OPTION_reweavable = "-Xreweavable"
static final String OPTION_showWeaveInfo = "-showWeaveInfo"
static final String OPTION_verbose = "-verbose"
static final String OPTIONVALUED_joinpoints = "-Xjoinpoints:"
static final String OPTIONVALUED_messageHandler = "-XmessageHandlerClass:"
static final String OPTIONVALUED_Xlint = "-Xlint:"
static final String OPTIONVALUED_Xlintfile = "-Xlintfile:"
static final String OPTIONVALUED_Xset = "-Xset:"


class  WeaverOption

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