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org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::TypePattern Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::TypePattern:

org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::AndTypePattern org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::AnyWithAnnotationTypePattern org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::HasMemberTypePattern org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::NotTypePattern org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::OrTypePattern org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::WildTypePattern org::aspectj::weaver::patterns::PerThisOrTargetPointcutVisitor::TypePatternMayBe

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Detailed Description

On creation, type pattern only contains WildTypePattern nodes, not BindingType or ExactType.

Then we call resolveBindings() during compilation During concretization of enclosing pointcuts, we call remapAdviceFormals

Erik Hilsdale

Jim Hugunin

Definition at line 42 of file TypePattern.java.

Public Member Functions

abstract Object accept (PatternNodeVisitor visitor, Object data)
void copyLocationFrom (PatternNode other)
AnnotationTypePattern getAnnotationPattern ()
int getEnd ()
UnresolvedType getExactType ()
String getFileName ()
ISourceContext getSourceContext ()
ISourceLocation getSourceLocation ()
int getStart ()
TypePatternList getTypeParameters ()
boolean isArray ()
boolean isIncludeSubtypes ()
boolean isStar ()
boolean isStarAnnotation ()
boolean isVarArgs ()
final FuzzyBoolean matches (ResolvedType type, MatchKind kind)
abstract FuzzyBoolean matchesInstanceof (ResolvedType type)
boolean matchesStatically (ResolvedType type)
abstract TypePattern parameterizeWith (Map typeVariableMap, World w)
void postRead (ResolvedType enclosingType)
void readLocation (ISourceContext context, DataInputStream s) throws IOException
TypePattern remapAdviceFormals (IntMap bindings)
void resolve (World world)
TypePattern resolveBindings (IScope scope, Bindings bindings, boolean allowBinding, boolean requireExactType)
UnresolvedType resolveExactType (IScope scope, Bindings bindings)
void setAnnotationTypePattern (AnnotationTypePattern annPatt)
void setIsVarArgs (boolean isVarArgs)
void setLocation (ISourceContext sourceContext, int start, int end)
void setTypeParameters (TypePatternList typeParams)
Object traverse (PatternNodeVisitor visitor, Object data)
abstract void write (DataOutputStream s) throws IOException
void writeLocation (DataOutputStream s) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static TypePattern read (VersionedDataInputStream s, ISourceContext context) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final byte AND = 8
static final TypePattern ANY = new AnyTypePattern()
static final byte ANY_KEY = 5
static final byte ANY_WITH_ANNO = 10
static final byte BINDING = 3
static final MatchKind DYNAMIC = new MatchKind("DYNAMIC")
static final TypePattern ELLIPSIS = new EllipsisTypePattern()
static final byte ELLIPSIS_KEY = 4
static final byte EXACT = 2
static final byte HAS_MEMBER = 11
static final TypePattern NO = new NoTypePattern()
static final byte NO_KEY = 9
static final byte NOT = 6
static final byte OR = 7
static final MatchKind STATIC = new MatchKind("STATIC")
static final byte WILD = 1

Protected Member Functions

boolean couldEverMatchSameTypesAs (TypePattern other)
abstract boolean matchesExactly (ResolvedType type, ResolvedType annotatedType)
abstract boolean matchesExactly (ResolvedType type)
boolean matchesSubtypes (ResolvedType superType, ResolvedType annotatedType)
boolean matchesSubtypes (ResolvedType type)
TypePattern notExactType (IScope s)
 TypePattern (boolean includeSubtypes)
 TypePattern (boolean includeSubtypes, boolean isVarArgs)
 TypePattern (boolean includeSubtypes, boolean isVarArgs, TypePatternList typeParams)

Protected Attributes

AnnotationTypePattern annotationPattern = AnnotationTypePattern.ANY
int end
boolean includeSubtypes
boolean isVarArgs = false
ISourceContext sourceContext
int start
TypePatternList typeParameters = TypePatternList.EMPTY


class  MatchKind

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