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org::aspectj::ajde::Ajde Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Singleton class used to initialize the Ajde ui as well as the properties required to run the compiler. Users must call "Ajde.init(...)" before doing anything else. There are getter methods for the various properties that are set in the initialization.

This also defines the factory for getting new AjCompiler instances.

Mik Kersten

Andy Clement

Definition at line 56 of file Ajde.java.

Public Member Functions

TreeViewBuildConfigEditor getBuildConfigEditor ()
BuildConfigManager getBuildConfigManager ()
IBuildProgressMonitor getBuildProgressMonitor ()
ICompilerConfiguration getCompilerConfig ()
AjCompiler getCompilerForConfigFile (String configFile)
EditorAdapter getEditorAdapter ()
StructureViewPanel getFileStructurePanel ()
IconRegistry getIconRegistry ()
IdeUIAdapter getIdeUIAdapter ()
IUIBuildMessageHandler getMessageHandler ()
AsmManager getModel ()
AsmManager getModelForConfigFile (String configFile)
OptionsFrame getOptionsFrame ()
Frame getRootFrame ()
StructureSearchManager getStructureSearchManager ()
StructureViewManager getStructureViewManager ()
BrowserViewManager getViewManager ()
void init (ICompilerConfiguration compilerConfig, IUIBuildMessageHandler uiBuildMessageHandler, IBuildProgressMonitor monitor, EditorAdapter editorAdapter, IdeUIAdapter ideUIAdapter, IconRegistry iconRegistry, Frame rootFrame, IRuntimeProperties runtimeProperties, boolean useFileView)
boolean isInitialized ()
void runBuildInDifferentThread (String configFile, boolean buildFresh)
void runBuildInSameThread (String configFile, boolean buildFresh)
LangUtil.ProcessController runInNewVM ()
Thread runInSameVM ()
void showOptionsFrame ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Ajde getDefault ()

Protected Member Functions

 Ajde ()

Static Protected Attributes

static final Ajde INSTANCE = new Ajde()

Private Attributes

AsmManager asm
TreeViewBuildConfigEditor buildConfigEditor = null
IBuildProgressMonitor buildProgressMonitor
AjCompiler compiler
ICompilerConfiguration compilerConfig
final BuildConfigManager configurationManager
EditorAdapter editorAdapter
StructureViewPanel fileStructurePanel = null
IconRegistry iconRegistry
IdeUIAdapter ideUIAdapter = null
boolean initialized = false
OptionsFrame optionsFrame = null
Frame rootFrame = null
IRuntimeProperties runtimeProperties
StructureSearchManager structureSearchManager
StructureViewManager structureViewManager
IUIBuildMessageHandler uiBuildMsgHandler
BrowserViewManager viewManager = null


class  CompilerThread
class  RunProperties

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