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org::aspectj::weaver::TypeVariable Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Represents a type variable with bounds

Definition at line 20 of file TypeVariable.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean canBeBoundTo (ResolvedType aCandidateType)
UnresolvedType[] getAdditionalInterfaceBounds ()
TypeVariableDeclaringElement getDeclaringElement ()
int getDeclaringElementKind ()
String getDisplayName ()
String getErasureSignature ()
UnresolvedType getFirstBound ()
String getGenericSignature ()
UnresolvedType getLowerBound ()
String getName ()
int getRank ()
String getSignature ()
String getSignatureForAttribute ()
UnresolvedType getUpperBound ()
TypeVariable resolve (World inSomeWorld)
void setAdditionalInterfaceBounds (UnresolvedType[] someTypeXs)
void setDeclaringElement (TypeVariableDeclaringElement element)
void setDeclaringElementKind (int kind)
void setLowerBound (UnresolvedType aTypeX)
void setRank (int rank)
void setUpperBound (UnresolvedType aTypeX)
String toDebugString ()
String toString ()
 TypeVariable (String aName, UnresolvedType anUpperBound, UnresolvedType[] someAdditionalInterfaceBounds, UnresolvedType aLowerBound)
 TypeVariable (String aName, UnresolvedType anUpperBound, UnresolvedType[] someAdditionalInterfaceBounds)
 TypeVariable (String aName, UnresolvedType anUpperBound)
 TypeVariable (String aName)
void write (DataOutputStream s) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static TypeVariable read (VersionedDataInputStream s) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final int METHOD = 1
static final TypeVariable[] NONE = new TypeVariable[0]
static final int TYPE = 2
static final int UNKNOWN = -1

Private Member Functions

boolean isASubtypeOf (UnresolvedType candidateSuperType, UnresolvedType candidateSubType)

Private Attributes

UnresolvedType[] additionalInterfaceBounds = new UnresolvedType[0]
boolean beingResolved = false
TypeVariableDeclaringElement declaringElement
int declaringElementKind = UNKNOWN
boolean isResolved = false
UnresolvedType lowerBound = null
String name
int rank
UnresolvedType upperBound = UnresolvedType.OBJECT

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