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org::aspectj::asm::IProgramElement Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

Represents program elements in the AspectJ containment hierarchy.

Mik Kersten

Definition at line 28 of file IProgramElement.java.

Public Member Functions

void addChild (IProgramElement child)
Accessibility getAccessibility ()
String getAnnotationType ()
String getBytecodeName ()
String getBytecodeSignature ()
List getChildren ()
String getCorrespondingType (boolean getFullyQualifiedType)
String getCorrespondingType ()
String getDeclaringType ()
String getDetails ()
ExtraInformation getExtraInfo ()
String getFormalComment ()
String getHandleIdentifier (boolean create)
String getHandleIdentifier ()
IProgramElement.Kind getKind ()
IMessage getMessage ()
AsmManager getModel ()
List getModifiers ()
String getName ()
String getPackageName ()
List getParameterNames ()
List getParameterSignatures ()
List getParameterSignaturesSourceRefs ()
List getParameterTypes ()
IProgramElement getParent ()
List getParentTypes ()
int getRawModifiers ()
ISourceLocation getSourceLocation ()
String getSourceSignature ()
boolean isAnnotationStyleDeclaration ()
boolean isImplementor ()
boolean isOverrider ()
boolean isRunnable ()
boolean removeChild (IProgramElement child)
void setAnnotationStyleDeclaration (boolean b)
void setAnnotationType (String fullyQualifiedannotationType)
void setBytecodeName (String bytecodeName)
void setBytecodeSignature (String bytecodeSignature)
void setChildren (List children)
void setCorrespondingType (String returnType)
void setDetails (String details)
void setExtraInfo (ExtraInformation info)
void setFormalComment (String comment)
void setHandleIdentifier (String handle)
void setImplementor (boolean value)
void setKind (Kind kind)
void setMessage (IMessage message)
void setModifiers (int i)
void setName (String name)
void setOverrider (boolean value)
void setParameterNames (List list)
void setParameterSignatures (List list, List paramSourceRefs)
void setParent (IProgramElement parent)
void setParentTypes (List parentTypes)
void setRunnable (boolean value)
void setSourceLocation (ISourceLocation sourceLocation)
void setSourceSignature (String string)
String toLabelString (boolean getFullyQualifiedArgTypes)
String toLabelString ()
String toLinkLabelString (boolean getFullyQualifiedArgTypes)
String toLinkLabelString ()
String toLongString ()
String toSignatureString (boolean getFullyQualifiedArgTypes)
String toSignatureString ()
String toString ()
IProgramElement walk (HierarchyWalker walker)


class  Accessibility
class  ExtraInformation
class  Kind
class  Modifiers

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